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Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

Design Specification and Installation of fully complaint commercial kitchen extraction systems and make-up air systems.

Extraction systems for Commercial Kitchens

We have installed many extraction canopy / commercial kitchen ventilation systems. We supply and install for all types of catering establishments.

We work closely with manufacturers of fans, canopy and ducting. One of our advantages is that we have experienced staff,.They have worked for a manufacturer of extraction canopies. Our staff have managed a national duct work maintenance and cleaning company. Because of this  experience we can avoid many of the issues that may occur.  Our designs stem from a knowledge of, what works and why.

Do you know that if you have gas cooking equipment, you also require an air input or make up air system.

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This help ensure the air quality and safety and is required to pass the commercial gas safe tests.

With our experience, we a have been called to sites to trouble shoot extraction systems. We have helped sort new ventilation systems that failed to meet compliance. James Taylor Ltd  staff have been called to help with flow rates, odour control and planning issues.

We Supply and install the following

Stainless Steel Wall mounted canopy

Stainless Steel Island Canopy

Duel Plenum Canopy

Our extraction canopies come with

Baffle filters

LED spotlights

Grease collection trays

all integrated into the canopy.

Has your commercial kitchen extractor fan failed.

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We have access to all makes of kitchen extractor fans and experienced engineers that can get you back up and running quickly.

The nice shiny canopy in the kitchen is just the tip of the iceberg in a compliant kitchen extraction system in a commercial site.

Good extraction in a commercial kitchen starts with understanding and planning

Things to consider.

  • Commercial Kitchen Extraction System Regulations

  • Cook line layout

  • Cook line equipment and their extraction co efficient

  • Issues with ceiling height

  • Planning the most effective rout for the extraction duct work

  • working to provide effective grease , odour control and smoke control

  • Working with planning or the EHO require the canopy and extraction have to meet DEFRA guidelines

  • Cooking with Gas ? Do you have a Gas Interlock System and a Make up Air system?

With most of the system out of sight it doesn't always get the attention required to work correctly. Very rarely will you see the extract duct work, extraction fan or the roof cowl etc . However they are the components that when correctly specified make sure all works as expected. Above all you want that new impressive looking extraction canopy to work!


Do you require your commercial kitchen extraction / ventilation system as part of a new or major kitchen project?

Why not let us help , advise and project manage.

We are able to provide and install and design and supply bespoke stainless steel commercial kitchen tabling and shelving and commercial kitchen wall and floor coverings.

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