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Mechanical Air Input Systems for Commercial Kitchens

The diagram above illustrates a basic air input system for a commercial kitchen

This is used to bring replacement air into the kitchen. Replacing the air removed by the extraction system helps ensure the air quality and stops the build up of dangerous levels of gases.

The fan is linked into the Gas Interlock System ensuring that the gas supply is cut off in the event of failure. Replacement air is required by DW172 to ensure compliance with the Gas Safe annual safety certificate.

With larger kitchen extraction system larger input systems are required. These systems can introduction the make up air via vents in suspended ceilings or  via duel plenum canopies . Duel plenum canopies have the replacement air dispersed into the kitchen via grills on the front face of the stainless steel canopy. This provides a neat installation and introduces the air close to the heat and offers good circulation.

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