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Gas & Electrical Kitchen Compliance

Keep your Insurance valid

Have you had your commercial kitchen checked by a Gas Safety Engineer?

Have you checked with your insurer exactly what your responsibilities are ?

Do you have a current and acceptable TR19 certificate for your Commercial Kitchen Extraction system ?

Answer no to ANY of these , then its possible your insurance is not valid.

Have you had you commercial kitchen gas and electrical equipment serviced . Do you have a current Gas Safe certificate for your kitchen?

Gas Safe Engineer

We can arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer to visit your site . They will carry out the relevant Gas Safe checks. If the kitchen and its equipment meet the regulations then you will be issued with a Gas Safe Certificate. Should there be any issues identified , we can arrange to quote and rectify to get you back up and running as quick as possible.

Both Gas and Electrical equipment in a commercial kitchen require regular servicing. Not only does this help keep your commercial kitchen safe it can also help minimise any loss of production or closed kitchens due to commercial kitchen equipment breaking down.

Should this happen we may still be able to help as we can arrange a limited reactive repair service.

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