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Compliant Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

There are many aspects that you need to be aware of to ensure commercial kitchen extraction regulations and therefore compliance.

Variables include

Cooking Fuel type. Gas and electric cooking have different requirements

Your cook line: There are specific requirements for the overhang of the canopy over the cook line. However if the canopy is into a corner the overhang can be treated differently

Extraction regulations for canopies over a gas cook line require the canopy overhangs the cook line  by 300 mm to the front and sides . Should you have a gas combi oven then the front is required to overhang by 600 mm . Its good practice to have this 600 mm even over an electric combi oven.  As you can see there are many aspects to extraction regulations

Extraction Rates :

To ensure commercial kitchen extraction regulations are met you need to hit specific extraction rates!

There are specific calculations to work out the extraction rate / volume. We need to know your cook line , canopy size , where the canopy is to be located. These provide the information to calculate the extraction . Only when you know the volume of air to be extracted can you work out the duct size to calculate the extraction velocity. The velocity of the air extracted has to fall into specific rates. Too fast and the external noise can be increased , too low and the system wont pass the GAS SAFE checks.

Grease : Odour : Smoke

Depending on your location and council you may be required to comply with limits. You may have  to show you have taken adequate measures to address Grease, Smoke and Odour. The equipment required to reduce Grease , Smoke and Odour will significantly increase the resistance in the extraction system.

Fan Selection for your extraction system

In order to calculate the size and type of fan we need to understand

  • The Volume of air to be extracted

  • The size of the duct work

  • The number of bends or elbows in the extraction

  • The resistance of any Grease, Odour or Smoke control components

  • The style of termination IE fixed grill or jet cowl etc

Only then can we work out what fan will cope with the volume and resistance in the extraction

Gas Interlock System

If you are using any gas cooking equipment then the gas supply must be connected to a gas interlock system. Should the extraction fan fail then the gas MUST be automatically shut off ! Click here for more details

Replacement or Make Up Air systems

If your commercial kitchen cook line has any gas equipment then under the current legislation air needs to be brought back into the kitchen. The air needs to be brought back in via a mechanical fan which should be connected to the Gas Interlock System. The size of the fan depends on the amount of air being removed . So the larger the extraction the larger amount of air required. This has to fall in a defined range stated in the regulations. Find out more about mechanical air input.

DW172 2018

DW172 2018 are the industry rules we work to to ensure the extraction system is safe and will meet the GAS SAFE requirements

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