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Gas Interlock Systems for Commercial Kitchens

Gas interlock systems designed specifically  for use in commercial kitchens.

The interlock is a safety system that interlocks the kitchen extraction and air input system to the gas supply. This ensures that should either of the fans in the commercial kitchen ventilation system fail the gas is automatically cut. By cutting the gas supply the potential build up of dangerous of flammable gases from lack of extraction is removed.

There are a few versions of Gas Interlocks available covering solid fuel systems and built in gas monitoring

We offer a full supply or supply and install service for Gas Interlocks

You may have a commercial kitchen that has been signed off by a Gas Safe engineer for a number of years. However as the regulations have altered , should you replace and part of the gas cook line you may well find you have update. To update to the latest regulations you will need an interlock for the gas supply.

Thinking of up grading equipment in your commercial kitchen?

Don't run the risk of just buying "online" only to find your installing gas engineer can not sign it off.

Should you be in our daily operating area , we can site survey and advise. In addition we can arrange a qualified  gas safe engineer to complete the install.

A gas interlock is a key component in a commercial kitchen ventilation system as defined in BESA DW172 2018. Don't leave your kitchen safety and compliance to chance.

These systems can also monitor CO & CO2 levels , which are required should you be using certain solid fuels.

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Gas Interlock Systems

Gas Interlock Panel
Gas Interlock System
Gas Interlock with emergency shut off
Gas Interlock to meet Gas Safe Regulations
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