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Require more information. Please fill out our Extraction Enquiry Form 

This help ensure the air quality and safety and is required to pass the commercial gas safe tests.

With our experience, we a have been called to sites to trouble shoot extraction systems. We have helped sort new ventilation systems that failed to meet compliance. James Taylor Ltd  staff have been called to help with flow rates, odour control and planning issues.

We Supply and install the following

Stainless Steel Wall mounted canopy

Stainless Steel Island Canopy

Duel Plenum Canopy

Our extraction canopies come with

Baffle filters

LED spotlights

Grease collection trays

all integrated into the canopy.

Has your commercial kitchen extractor fan failed .

Call us now !

Extraction Canopy Enquiry

Extraction Canopy

Please complete this form in as much detail as possible. This will allow us to provide the best indication of a price prior to attending site. The more detail you provide the more accurate this estimate will be. Please note this form is designed to make you think about what you are looking to achieve. Use the form for canopy, extraction and air input enquiries.

Cook Line

Please identify what type of cooking equipment you intend to use. We need to know this as electric, gas, charcoal and wood all have different requirements

The canopy width is governed by the length of the cook line that it is to cover and extract from . Please note that a canopy should exceed the cook line length by 300mm at each end unless it ends in a corner. Should the canopy end in a corner the 300mm over hang is not required

The minimum canopy depths width will be determined by the cook line A canopy with gas equipment requires a 300mm overhang to the front of the equipment. Typically the minimum canopy depth for gas is 1200mm . Should you intend to use a combi oven then it is required that the canopy overhang is 600mm from the front of the unit. This typically means a minimum of 1500mm depth. At this stage we just need an indication of one of the above. The final details would be confirmed following a site visit

Please advise ceiling height. Should the kitchen have a suspended ceiling please indicate both the main height and the suspended ceiling height

Please detail which floor the kitchen is located on I.E Ground floor , first floor or basement etc

Extraction Termination

Where do you envisage the extraction terminating?

Please estimate the length of ducting . At this stage please estimate from the centre of the canopy to the point where the system ends. Please include both horizontal and vertical distances.

In the duct work length identified above please estimate the number of bends/elbows required to get from the canopy to the end of the duct work

Canopy Type

There are a number of variables in the type of canopy. You could have an extraction only canopy or a canopy with the with fresh air input (duel plenum) . The canopy could be on a wall or located in the centre of the room fixed to the ceiling (centre Island) Please select which option you prefer.

Are there any planning or EHO requirements that you have been advised about? Is the building listed? Please advise about any restrictions or concerns you have about the project If you are not aware of any of the above, please answer NONE

Please use the next box to add any other details you would think we should be aware of or any questions you may have from filling out this enquiry form. Thank you for your enquiry . We will contact you as soon as possible

Thanks for submitting!

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