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Kitchen and Bar Design

We have many years of experience in designing the layout and flow of commercial kitchens. As a result of this experience we can help you avoid some of the regular issues.

As we use bespoke stainless steel fabrications we ensure we maximise and optimise your space. We do however always remember its your kitchen and you drive the design

As a result of having staff that have worked for manufactures of kitchen fabrication and canopy and ducting we can pull together all aspects of the design.

Effective  kitchen extraction come from a correctly specified canopy , extraction fan and duct work size and route.

Because of this experience we are able to help with some of the technical aspects that council planning applications. These include external duct routes grease and odour control. Despite many people struggling to deal with the planning applications we find generally that when the application is backed up with design and data things get sorted.

Also we work closely with a leading duct work cleaning company and consequently can help make sure your system has the required access. Afterwards your system needs to be cleaned to TR19 standards for your insurance.

In the commercial kitchens we visit we often see  the replacement air systems are a bit of an afterthought. However we will advise on this aspect of the kitchen ventilation.


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