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Recent Commercial Kitchen Projects

This  new commercial kitchen restoration was needed because of a fire. The fire completely gutted the kitchen. So we carried out this Commercial Kitchen extraction in Lancashire in May 2019. We  provide commercial kitchen extraction in Cumbria, Merseyside and Greater Manchester. In fact we cover most of the North of England and Southern Scotland.

Because of the shape of the kitchen, along with the clients requirements, meant we could not alter the layout.

As the stainless steel extraction canopy remained in the same location major alterations were not required. However we suggested some improvements to the extraction. Because the extraction came directly out of the back of the canopy it directed air towards a neighbouring property.

Consequently we fitted a larger capacity extraction fan. Because the new improved fan is designed to discharge the air extracted for the kitchen cook line vertically.As the air is discharged vertically the odours no longer blow towards the neighbours.

The improved extraction system we installed was matched to and new mechanical air input system. We have installed LED spotlights in the  extraction canopy . This improved the illumination of the cooking equipment.

We added mechanical air input system linked to a gas interlock control panel. Consequently, these alterations brought the kitchen up to the current kitchen Gas Safe standards. We designed the air input system to include  filtration and ensured there is easy access to the filters. We achieved this by designing the bespoke filter housing . The filters can be changed without having to climb into the roof space.

Other improvements we provided included alterations to the sink units . While the overall dimensions remained the same, at the clients request, the bowls in the main sink unit were made larger and deeper. We achieved this by using our bespoke stainless steel fabrication service. As we used custom stainless steel fabrications the commercial oven & commercial dishwasher are sat  on bespoke stands. Doing these alterations allowed us maximum use of space in the commercial kitchen.

This commercial kitchen benefited from new hygienic wall and floor coverings as part of the renovation.

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