Commercial Kitchen Extraction in Cumbria

We design , supply and install Commercial Kitchen Extraction throughout the Lake District & Cumbria

If you have a commercial kitchen in Cumbria we can help with commercial extraction and commercial catering equipment.

A correctly designed extraction system is essential in any commercial kitchen. The extraction canopy and the extraction fan should be matched to the commercial cooking equipment used. We can help with extraction in Cumbria and the Lake District areas.

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Extraction is only one aspect of correctly specified ventilation system. Where gas is used in a commercial cooking area then it requires replacement air system matched to the extraction. Both the extraction and input systems are required to be connected to a Gas Interlock System.

We offer a free sites survey's throughout Cumbria , Lancashire, Northern England & Southern Scotland. We are able to advise on commercial kitchen extraction systems.This ensures the extraction complies to current DW172 2018 and Gas Safe regulations. You need to meet these standards to ensure commercial kitchen compliance.

Stainless Steel Canopies come in various styles such as

Duel Plenum Extraction Canopy

Wall Mounted Extraction Canopy

Centre Island Extraction Canopy

We do not use "off the shelf" extraction canopies. Very rarely do such canopies make the best use of space .On occasion these cheap internet canopies do not meet current legislation. We use bespoke designed and manufactured extraction canopies. These are manufactured in the North West of England

Commercial kitchen ventilation is more than just an extraction system. In order to help maintain the quality of the air in the commercial kitchen we need to bring fresh air back in. Where gas , either natural or LPG,is used then it is required that between 75 & 95 % of the extracted is replaced. We recommend this even when using an all electric cook line.

In Cumbria, and especially in the Lake District. it is not uncommon to have to install extraction into old buildings. These typically have irregular walls and low ceiling heights. All these factors require bespoke commercial extraction canopy and extraction fans.

In addition to ventilation and extraction in commercial kitchens we supply and install most makes of commercial cooking and commercial catering equipment.

So for all your commercial kitchen equipment and ventilation call or email James Taylor Ltd , Kitchen & Bar Solutions

Replacement Extraction fans in Cumbria

In addition to new commercial kitchen extraction systems we also offer replacement fans.

Extraction fans work in a harsh environment and can fail. There is never a good time for this to happen. We offer a replacement extraction fan service throughout Cumbria and the Lake District.

In order to offer a quick replacement for your failed extraction fan we need the make and part number of that extraction fan and its speed controller. Sometimes we a picture of the fan & speed controller can help. If you do not know these details we can arrange for an engineer to visit and get this info. At that point we can price / order and arrange to fit the replacement extraction fan.

Kitchen downtime is costly so it would be worth you knowing the make and part number of your extraction fan!

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