Commercial Kitchen Heat Recovery and Energy Saving

Commercial Kitchen Energy Solutions

We offer Heat Energy recovery solutions foe commercial kitchen

Where is all that  heat generated from your cook line going?

Straight out of the extraction system into the atmosphere?

Would you like to get a second use of the heat that came from your expensive cook line fuel?


Free hot water from Heat recovery panel above range
Heat Recovery Panel mounted above griddle / grill in commercial kitchen . This environmentally friendly system recovers ambient heat of the kitchen and turns it into FREE hot water . Easy install and quick return on investment

Our Innovative Commercial Kitchen Heat Recovery could be used to provide free hot water! This is one of the best kitchen energy solutions available in our opinion.

As a Greener Energy Option the hot water can be used round the kitchen or building to reduce carbon emissions.

Kitchen Heat Recovery Box
Part of the Kitchen Heat Recovery System , this unit transfers the heat reclaimed from kitchen to water. The heated water is then stored / distributed for either the hot water heating or hot water for washing up in the kitchen.

Suitable for...

  • Any Restaurant
  • Any takeaway or fast food outlet
  • Any Hotel or conference centre
  • Any Food Processing/Manufacturing site
  • Any School or College


Key Points...

  • Saves money
  • No alterations to extraction system or cook line
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No adjustments required to extraction system calculations
  • No routine or annual maintenance
  • Converts waste heat from cook line into 55oC Hot water to be used on site
  • Can be used within central heating system on the site as well as provide hot water
  • Works on independently even after service has closed
  • MCS Accredited


  • WRAS Approved
  • KIWA Approved
  • Grant funding approved
  • Fully Warranted

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